Tanzania: A magical holiday destination

If you’re looking for a country that can offer a real authentic African safari holiday then you should not be looking any further than Tanzania. I have been lucky enough to visit and would love to go back there again someday, the place was so amazing that it left me wanting more and more. It’s perfect for all holiday makers; families, solo travellers, honeymooners and groups of friends. Make sure you always have your camera to hand because you will want to be snap happy when you see the wildlife roaming free or when the stunning orange sunset falls.


Most people would agree that Tanzania has the best variety of scenery and wildlife in Africa, add to that some of the world’s best beaches and you really do have a magical holiday destination. Here are three of the best things that I found on my trip:

The Ngorongoro Crater

Over 3 million years ago a volcano completely blew apart in Tanzania, it left a huge crater that is two thousand feet deep. The Ngorongoro crater is what is left of the old volcano. Now it is seen as one of the great natural wonders on planet earth and what makes it even better is that it is home to so many different types of wildlife. Such natural beauty was recognised and the Ngororngoro crater is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. To get an idea of it’s beauty is clear when you know that is is also know as ‘Africa’s Eden’.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is found in the northern part of Tanzania, it is very close to the Kenyan border. If you have time then you should definitely add this to your itinerary, you do not want to miss such an iconic landmark! It is Africa’s highest mountain and stands at a whopping 19,340 feet above the sea level. Of course you can attempt to climb it if you are a thrill seeker, but if you prefer to just soak up the natural beauty that is on display then the trip is stills well worth it.

The Island of Zanzibar

This beautiful island is also, and probably better known, as the ‘Spice Island’. If you are looking for something close to paradise then this is where you will find it! The beach island has crystal clear waters and some of the most amazing white sandy beaches I have ever walked on. This would be an ideal destination for couples or honeymooners looking to experience the more laid back type of holiday in an amazing setting.


Chill Out In The Isle Of Man

While the Isle of man isn’t on the top of everyone’s list of places to visit for a holiday, it does offer a beautiful blend of stunning history and natural beauty.

The islands capital, Douglas, is a world renowned offshore finance centre. Without a doubt the island is best known of its TT motor sport events that take place there each year. This attracts fanatics from all over the world and is a massive event in the motor sport calendar.

It you are looking to kick back alone of with some family for a few days, then the Isla of man has a nice selection of great value hotels on offer.


Here are some of the best ones:

1. Hilton Hotel

This is located in the center of Douglas along the promenade and is close by to the main shopping area. The hotel has a good public transport link as well as a fantastic breakfast. Guests are treated to full high speed internet in their rooms, cable tv as well as tea and coffee making facilities. The hotel is very suitable for business trips, but it caters the recreational tourist as well.

The westjet seat sale online will provide you with options on how to fly their from your destination.

2. Athol House

This is a very pleasant hotel which can be reached in about a half hour from the airport. Each room comes fully equipped, and if you need anything extra, then the friendly and helpful staff will be on hand to accommodate you.

Since this is a family run hotel, it’s a perfect choice for families who are looking for an affordable breakaway.

3. Admiral House 

If you are concerned about have a room with a view then the Admiral House hotel will be the perfect option for you. Easily reached within a few minutes from the ferry terminal, it looks out over the tower of refuge. This is a 2 mile bay that provides stunning sun rises as well as fabulous views.

4. Sefton Hotel 

A rich blend of modern construction combined with Victorian architecture greets you when you arrive here. It’s a very popular choice for business people who want a comfortable stay when they are on the island.

It hosts a lecture room, gallery, atrium and several luxury suites, with something to suit everyone.


The island is small in size, but it packs a powerful punch for those interested in a nice relaxing break


Campside Comfort- How much is too much to carry-

Campside Comfort: How much is too much to carry?

It’s in the nature of backpackers, campers, and trekkers of all kinds to enjoy the experience of “roughing it.” There is joy to be found in disconnecting from the hectic nature of modern life, with its 24-hour connectivity and ceaseless electronic noise. A pristine evening beneath a billion bright stars, a sweltering day beside a cold mountain lake, or the simple pleasure of a well-traveled forest trail.


That said, there are many small luxuries that can be carried in even the most spartan of backpacking kits. Allowing yourself one or two is unlikely to affect your pack weight unduly, and can bring a touch of welcome comfort to an otherwise austere campsite.


Flip Flops. Not for wearing while hiking, mind you, but for putting on once you’ve set up camp. Safer than going barefoot, more comfortable than keeping your sweaty boots on, and waterproof, so dipping your footsies into a refreshing creek is a nice option. You can even find some high-quality sandals with a bottle opener in the sole, for cracking open that single craft beer you packed.

Pillow Bag. Otherwise known as a “stuff sack,” a pillow bag is basically a fleece-lined sack that can be turned inside out and stuffed with clothes to make a pillow. Turn it outside-out and carry your unorganizables.

Wet Wipes. A variety of wet-wipes can be found to cater to the avid outdoorsfolk, typically containing a water-based cleansing agent (instead of drying alcohol). When you’re miles from a shower, with 20 miles of sweat, dirt and dead bugs on your skin, a quick rub-down with one of these showers-in-a-packet can feel like a blast from the garden hose at your childhood home. Be sure and dispose of the used towelettes properly.

Camp chair. To some trekkers, carrying a camp chair through a mountainous trail with plenty of fallen logs seems absurd, but if your back gets tired and weak after making the hike, you’ll be glad to have a lightweight (some examples weigh barely a pound) camp chair to lean your back against.  You’ll avoid getting covered in pine sap, and you’ll be better rested for the next day’s exertions.

Consider splurging on a lightweight bit of luxury for your next hike. You may find that the weight isn’t nearly as noticeable as the improvement in the quality of your relaxation.


Is it time to replace your tent-

Is it time to replace your tent?

Here’s the short answer: yes. If you’ve been carrying around the same tent on your backpacking adventures for more than a few years, if you’ve been dealing with a sticky zipper, mysterious leaks, or any of a dozen tiny nuisances, consider replacing that old tent.  You’ll find that tent technology advances with great speed, and a new tent will have many advantages over one only five years old. Here are the important considerations to examine when shopping for a new tent.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.55.04 PM

Weight: One of the many ways tent technology has advanced is in the area of weight. Considering that backpackers have to carry their shelter with them, this is a primary concern. With lightweight fabrics, fiberglass rods, and designs which simply require fewer parts, tents have reduced their weight profile by 70% in the past 30 years, and by 10% just in the past ten. Decreased weight gives you more room to pack other essentials, or alternately makes your trek a little bit lighter.

Climate: Tents are designed for specific seasonal use, and you should take this into consideration when planning a trip.  Most tents are “three-season,” for use in temperate conditions, while mountaineering tents are designed to stand up to the cold.  Likewise, dedicated summer tents are devised with better ventilation and even more lightweight walls. Pack the right tent for the season and conditions, and avoid a lot of discomfort later.

Capacity: Tents generally have a number in their brand designation that indicates the ideal number of occupants, but tent manufacturers don’t have a consistent method for determining how much room occupants will need, so some research is required.  Similarly, there are features like separate entrances for dual-occupancy tents, or rain vestibules that can help your comfort level tremendously. Remember that capacity is dependent on occupant familiarity–a married couple or two long-term backpacking partners need less room than a couple fishing buddies who’ve just met.

By giving careful consideration to the needs your new tent needs to fulfill, you can ensure years of comfortable and nuisance-free trekking, anywhere you choose to travel. Get out there and see the world!


Why the train to Paris is always better than the plane

Why the train to Paris is always better than the Plane

I never thought that I would prefer travel by train to travelling by plane, but if you are taking the Eurostar London Paris route then it certainly is! There’s so much to love about the train in comparison to hoping on a plane. The whole thing just seems so much more relaxing, less rushed and over all pleasant. If you’ve already travelled on the Eurostar to Paris then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, then you are missing out on short queues, great staff, centrally located station to depart from and much more.

images (17)

Here are 3 more great things to look forward to when you step onboard one of the TGV trains bound for Paris.

Sit with your friends

I know that on a plane you are able to sit next to your friends, but when you travel on the Eurostar you are able to book a table so that you can sit around and chat to one another. So you can play cards, chat or even have a meal together – it really makes for a much better journey.

There’s so much space

There is much more space on the Eurostar when you compare it to a plane, the best thing is that there is no turbulence so you are not forced to stay in your seat for the majority of the trip. You can get up stroll around, go to the café/bar for a snack if you like and stretch as much as you like. The plane can’t compete with this in anyway shape or form, being able to walk around as you like is something that I really enjoy.

The security checks are sensible

There’s no over the top security checks for the Eurostar like there is at the airports these days. This another thing I absolutely love! If you are travelling with a child and need to bring lots of things with you such as baby food then there’s no need to worry when you’re on the Eurostar because it is straightforward and you can bring on nearly everything that you need.


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