I never thought that I would prefer travel by train to travelling by plane, but if you are taking the Eurostar London Paris route then it certainly is! There’s so much to love about the train in comparison to hoping on a plane. The whole thing just seems so much more relaxing, less rushed and over all pleasant. If you’ve already travelled on the Eurostar to Paris then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, then you are missing out on short queues, great staff, centrally located station to depart from and much more.

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Here are 3 more great things to look forward to when you step onboard one of the TGV trains bound for Paris.

Sit with your friends

I know that on a plane you are able to sit next to your friends, but when you travel on the Eurostar you are able to book a table so that you can sit around and chat to one another. So you can play cards, chat or even have a meal together – it really makes for a much better journey.

There’s so much space

There is much more space on the Eurostar when you compare it to a plane, the best thing is that there is no turbulence so you are not forced to stay in your seat for the majority of the trip. You can get up stroll around, go to the café/bar for a snack if you like and stretch as much as you like. The plane can’t compete with this in anyway shape or form, being able to walk around as you like is something that I really enjoy.

The security checks are sensible

There’s no over the top security checks for the Eurostar like there is at the airports these days. This another thing I absolutely love! If you are travelling with a child and need to bring lots of things with you such as baby food then there’s no need to worry when you’re on the Eurostar because it is straightforward and you can bring on nearly everything that you need.