When you hear of someone going travelling, you may automatically assume that it’s to a tropical or hot part of the world.

cold travel

For a lot of people, the sun doesn’t agree with them for one reason or another. Maybe their skin is too sensitive to intense heat. Maybe their preference lies in cooler climates.

Either way, travelling in cold(er) countries than the country you live in can bring new, wonderful experiences that you couldn’t possibly dream of getting in a sun location.

However, going from the heat to the cold brings some considerations which need to be addressed.

You will need to bring clothes that will protect you against the rain/windchill/snow. Having suitable gear in colder climates is imperative if one is to fully enjoy the trip. This is the one consideration that you must fully research before you leave. You don’t want to be freezing cold and having to fork out big money in local tourist shops for heavier clothes.

When you are packing your rucksack or suitcase, then you will need to make sure you include some sort of first aid kit. One which is similar to an industrial first aid kit will be more than enough. Have all your medical drugs and prescriptions kept in it, so that you’ll have easy access to them if need.

This simple point cannot be emphasised enough. Many people totally forget about safety when travelling, especially in cooler climate countries. Seton will have everything you need to make sure that you have the correct gear for whatever type of trip you’re planning on taking.

A battery operated heater of some sort can be an excellent method of quickly warming up your hands and feet. Batteries are great because they can be taken anywhere, whereas gas or fuel cannot.

If you plan on going skiing or doing any other form of hazardous activity while away, then please take out an insurance policy that covers all that you intend to do. Insurance premiums don’t cost much, and the benefits including the peace of mind far outweigh the costs.

Remember to include items that will help you pass the time – in the event of a sudden storm occurring. Things like a laptop, books and or deck of cards all provide an entertainment outlet in cases of extreme boredom.

Travelling to colder regions like the alps or parts of Russia can be an eye opening experience. If you come prepared then holiday on the slopes can be equally as much fun as a holiday in the scorching heat!