When you think of taking a holiday from work and the real world going to Western Africa may not be the first thought you have. It used to never be one of my thoughts and I am glad to say that is a mistake because vacationing in Gambia can be a great experience. Although Gambia is the smallest nation on the African continent, it has big potential as a holiday destination. The combination of great weather, beautiful beaches, and fantastic options for accommodation make Gambia the perfect place to escape the woes of everyday mundane life. Here is a list of the Top 10 Hotels that you can stay in while in Gambia.

Sunswing Beach Resort


First on our list is the Sunswing Beach Resort is a cool and sleek option for staying in Gambia. The low-rise villas offer privacy and a home-like feel. They sit just off of the ocean and are only a few steps from your own personal beach hut (pictured above). Lying in one of these and staring out into the ocean can be an all day affair taking breaks only to visit the main restaurant of the resort which offers meals at all times of the day.

Bamboo Hotel


If you are looking for a relaxed and low maintenance atmosphere then this may just be the spot for you. There is no shortage of sunshine and beachfront property at the Bamboo Hotel in Kololi. Other than the ability to relax, this hotel also offers a great location. It is close to the Senegambia Strip which is packed with bars restaurants and shops. This hotel is able to perfectly mix excitement with relaxation making it a great spot for all types of visitors.

Palm Beach Hotel


This hotel consists of several buildings scattered throughout the grounds around tropical gardens making every walk to and from your room a beautiful trip. The buildings and style of the complex are very traditional down to its core. The nightly entertainment at the Palm Beach Hotel is often an African band and African dancers. This is a great way to experience the culture of the country from the confines of your hotel. The hotel is also located directly on the beach and is more secluded than others, making the beach exclusive to you and the other visitors at the hotel.

Senegambia Beach Hotel


This popular holiday spot is in a prime location. It is set in the middle of tropical gardens and right on the beach in Kololi. It is quite close to a host of restaurants and bars in the Senegambia tourist area. This is a great hotel for those looking for a bit more of an active holiday. The Senegambia Beach Hotel has two tennis courts, squash, volleyball, football, guided bird walks and bird-feeding, and is in the same neighborhood as Bijilo Forest Park.You can take part in a load of activities just before coming back to the pool to relax.

Laico Atlantic Banjul


This is another beauty for those looking for a bit more out of their holiday than just soaking in the sun. The Laico Atlantic Banjul offers tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball, croquet, mini-golf, and a gym. There is also darts, snooker, and pool available to play. If you think you are good, you can test your skills against the other visitors in hotel organized tournaments. This hotel is more of a European style and sits just on the outskirts of the Gambian capital, Banjul.

Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort


One of the best spots on our list for couples to enjoy a nice quiet and relaxing holiday. The Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort in Cape Point offers incredible views of the Atlantic and is just steps away from the golden sand. The resort offers a wellness center offering massages and beauty treatments. There is nothing wrong with getting a little bit pampered on your vacation!

Holiday Beach Club


I am exaggerating one bit when I say stepping off of your porch at the Holiday Beach Club in Kololi means stepping into the golden sand of the beach. Just like so many other hotels in Gambia, this hotel offers two of the most beautiful ecosystems on either side of you, the beach and tropical gardens. The best part of this hotel is that you don’t have to choose which to marvel at because you can have both as you please.

Kombo Beach Hotel


The Kombo Beach Hotel is situated directly on the breathtaking Kotu Beach. There are plenty of spots on the grounds where visitors can go to enjoy some quiet relaxation amongst the gardens and plenty of opportunities for those guests that are looking to partake in different activities such as, table tennis, mini-golf, badminton, or volleyball. This hotel is also in a great location to explore more of Gambia and neighboring Senegal. Look into the Banjul-Barra ferry to go on a mini expedition of your own.

Hotel Sunset Beach


This piece of quiet beachfront property in Kotu is your home when staying at the Hotel Sunset Beach. The view is wonderful and the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. The entertainment on site is very enjoyable according to many of the guests and there is also the option to travel just off site to several different bars and restaurants which are reasonably priced and a ton of fun! You can;t go wrong when staying at this hotspot of a hotel.

The Kairaba Hotel


Last but certainly not least on our list is The Kairaba Hotel in none other than hotel and resort magnet, Kololi. The details are what are to be truly appreciated when staying at this magnificent hotel. The pathway down to the beach is lined with unique seashells and there is also a peacock enclosure on the grounds. Nothing says memorable like having a few peacocks as your hotel mates!

There you have it. There should be nothing stopping you from enjoying a one of a kind holiday in the beautiful sunbathed nation of Gambia.