When going to a specific place,  possibly one of the dilemmas is picking a place to stay.  Typically, you have to book your hotel accommodation weeks or months before your trip so to make sure you get a slot, and you get a good hotel.

Especially if a place you are going to is something you will be off to for the first time, there is really no point of comparison from previous hotels, or more or less, you will purely base choice of accommodations on pictures on the internet.

looking for the perfect accommodation

So if you are one of those travelers undecided on which hotel to go. Here are some tips to find the best place to stay.

Make an Itinerary.

Whether you are going as a group or you are solo traveling, it helps to have a plan in mind to wisely use your time in your travel. Included in this planning stage is somehow getting familiar with the locations you are about to go and their distances to each other. By doing so, you can choose which is the best place you can stay, which places you can search for a nice hotel, and filter the options.

Know your budget.

Of course in every travel, as a wise traveler, you budget your allowance for the trip –and a part of it includes the cost of accommodation. Maybe you want to treat your lovedone  or family to a nice and grand hotel, or maybe you are on a budget travel mode, so these are the things you can consider.

If  you are budget traveling, you can also opt to consider staying at a hostel which is way more cheaper than hotels. Just make sure that you are aware of the amenities and their house rules.

Check reviews and feedbacks.

There are tons of sites and forums that can surely help you decide on which hotel you can stay. Look at the amenities and other services you may get for a fee (i.e. Internet connection). Look into how good their service is, their rooms, etc. You may not want to miss this as this may make or break your trip.