This year seems to be fast coming to an end and for the avid traveler it is not early to start planning for your next exciting trip. Here are some of the places you might consider adding to your bucket list for 2014.

If you are looking for a place that encompasses culture, adventure, history and wilderness, then Morocco should top your list. It is a dream destination for many international travelers boasting of diverse geographical features, majestic palaces, fine Bedouin cuisines, and stunning sandy beaches.

The imperial cities of Morocco which include Marrakech, Rabat, Fez and Meknes reflect the history of Morocco in a special way: awesome palaces, churches and museums make them worth a visit. The intriguing riads offer a serene environment to embrace the Berber tradition as you live in them. Why not make a point of staying in these converted traditional palaces for that royal experience. If you don’t fancy that then bed down in one of the luxury hotels in Marrakech which offer all the comfort you would expect of a palatial visit.

The Sahara desert offers an exciting opportunity for visitors to experience the magical sandy dunes and ride a camel across to appreciate the intoxicating bareness of the desert before enjoying a starry night in a desert camp.

It is hard for anyone to get enough of this dazzling city, one visit never seems quite enough. The architecture is marvelous and the beauty is enchanting, truly anything is possible in Dubai!

The manmade archipelago of Palm Islands offers spectacular sea views, luxurious accommodation and unbelievable beauty; it is a place where dreams and reality collide in a resplendent display of man-made genius. Luxury holidays in Dubai really are the only way to go!

Burj Khalifa man-made lake is a great spectacle, within the lake is the one and only record-setting choreographed fountain system illuminated with dozens of lights and colored projectors that make this lake astonishingly beautiful to look at. For a spectacular view of this magnificent lake go to the top of the tallest building in the world; the Burj Khalifa and enjoy the views of this popular city from an exciting angle. This should make a trip to Dubai all worthwhile.

The Jumeirah road is lined with fine sandy beaches, numerous world class hotels, private clubs, barbecue kiosks and picnic sites for families and couples. Dubai Mall is also a great stop off place to enjoy a bit of shopping and enjoy the largest suspended aquarium in the world.


India is the magical home of natural beauty, enchanting culture, diverse religions and endowed with rich history that is well displayed by the numerous monuments: top in the list being the splendid Taj Mahal.

If you are dying for an exotic beach holiday, then indulge in Goa. It is famous for its excellent beaches, beautiful churches that reflect Portuguese influence in the past. If you love to party, the night life is especially memorable. Accommodation is easy to find whatever your budget. For those on a shoestring there is the option of the Holiday Inn Goa and there is plenty to choose from for those on a luxury budget.

If you love culture and crazy cultural fun, then visit Goa in the last week of February extending to the first week of March in 2014. This is when the mother of all carnivals takes over the Goa, all the colors of Goa come out in glorious displays and the fun loving people are swept away by its charm and charisma.