Travelling does not just entail going the distance. It also means having to let go of precious time which could be spent earning money. Thus, when tours are planned, time constraint is usually one of the factors to be considered. People would usually opt to nearer vacation spots to ensure that recreation does not consume too much time. Some would even consider not having enough sleep or rest just to consume as little time as possible when going on out of town trips. If this is your usual issue, then it is about time to try Macau.



Why Macau?

Macau is a small but well developed city which can be wandered within a day. It is a popular tourist destination nowadays because of the government funds and support that the city gets. Plane trips are offered at lower rates. Macau is also a place of affordable hotels with great services.

The tour includes a lot of activities such as walking and appreciating sites, trying the native dishes of Macau, and checking out the souvenirs which are good as gifts for friends.


Locals themselves enjoy playing casino in their own city. Maybe this is one thing you can consider to immerse yourself in an activity you won’t do everyday. A tourist in Macau would surely enjoy playing casinos in the vicinity. It has been even dubbed as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” since it has been legalized ages ago. The surroundings are upbeat and full of life, and is even considered one of the largest casino spots!

Casino in Macau

See the historical spots

Though well-famed as a gambling hub, there’s still a different perspective in traveling to Macau. Why not take a visit at various scenic spots? There are pretty interesting places to see in this little nice tourist spot. It is called a UNESCO World Heritage Site for some reason. Imagine seeing Portugese influences with a mixture of Chinese taste. Some of the nicest spots to look at are: the ruins of St. Pauls and Mater Dei for some reason!

Ruins of St. Pauls

Souvenir Shopping

As a Chinese community, the souvenirs from Macau would include products that are influenced by the Chinese culture. However, materials made in Macau are distinct from those made in other parts of China because of the “Macau” signature usually engraved on the souvenirs.

souvenirs in Macau

To ensure that the one day stay in Macau is maximized, a prospective tourist can opt to register with professional tour guides who are experts in planning the best itinerary in the city.  Or if you feel you are just a keen planner, make sure you make the most of your time exploring the best things to do in this very interesting tourist vicinity!