my broken leg

Traveling is one of the favorite activities of people around the globe. A lot of time is spent on deciding where to go, who to take along, things to pack etc. However, one thing that is often overlooked is travel insurance.

my broken leg

my broken leg!

Spending on travel insurance may turn out to be a good investment. However, as in the case of every other financial product, there are some pros and cons to consider.


1. Covers in case of medical emergency

Let’s say you’re in one of the luxurious Dubai Hotels when suddenly your blood pressure shoots up. The medications and emergency will cost you a lot, and medical insurance policies may refuse to cover the expense when you’re out of town. You can save yourself from the big financial blow by selecting a travel insurance policy that includes coverage for your health.

2. Provides peace of mind

You’ve spent a lot of money for planning that dream trip. You’ll be excited, but will also worry that anything can go wrong till the last minute. Wouldn’t it be better if you can put your mind at ease about it? Travel insurance will give you a piece of mind as you’ll know that incase of your expensive trip getting cancelled, you’ll not be losing all the paid money.

3. Covers for factors outside your control

There are some factors outside your control that may lead to cancellation of your business trip or vacation. For example, natural disasters or severe weather conditions can lead to flight/train/bus cancellation. Your booked hotel can close down due to an unfortunate event, leaving your wallet empty. In this case, insurance can revive most or all of your expense.

4. Covers against theft

You’ve finally landed at the destination, and walking towards the outside world out of the airport, when suddenly someone snatches your luggage and runs away. You could lose all your clothes, gadgets and other valuables. Travel insurance will keep your luggage and valuables covered.


1. May result in unnecessary expense

Travel insurance may result in unnecessary expense because you may already be covered by another source. For example, if you’re paying for the trip through your credit card, they may cover for some basic expenses depending upon the type of account you have with them. It can cover for stolen items or cancellations. Health insurance may have some coverage in case of emergencies. It’s recommended to check the policies of current insurance providers.

2. Can exceed the cost of the trip

If you’re planning to go somewhere for a day or two, the cost of travel insurance may exceed the costs of the trip itself. Travel insurance works better when you’re going on a long journey and carrying a large number of valuable items.

3. May not cover on occasions

Policies determine the occasions and instances where the insurance will cover the traveler, and you may not be compensation if you suffer a financial loss due to any other reason apart from the ones outlined in your policy.


Your decision in the end will depend on other factors as well. Are you traveling to a city with a high crime rate? Travel insurance will be a yes then. You’ll need to do a bit of research and compare policies of different insurance providers to make sure you get exactly what you pay for.