The United States is such a varied and exciting place to visit that it is a difficult task to choose just a few regions to explore. Below, however, is a list of the top five states to visit. Of course, it is easy for tourists to underestimate the sheer size of the continent. Many of these states dwarf European countries, and private transport will be required to see everything they can offer. This is where car hire USA style comes in handy. All of these regions have excellent private transport options for rental, and taking advantage of such possibilities will enable you to enjoy your visit fully.

Brooklyn Bridge at night in New York City
Brooklyn Bridge at night in New York City

New York

It’s hardly a surprise that the Empire State makes this list. Of course, the main attraction in this region is the city of New York itself, and Manhattan in particular. With its heady mix of commerce, sightseeing, shopping and multicultural cuisine and entertainment, it’s difficult for any city in the world to beat NYC. However, don’t get caught up only in the Big Apple. Venture beyond the metropolitan area, and visit the gorgeous lakes of upstate New York, as well as the stunning vistas of Niagara Falls.


It is often said that the Golden State has a little bit of everything that makes other states great. Whether a tourist is looking for beautiful wilderness, urban cool, multicultural dining, or gorgeous beaches, California has it all. The major tourist attractions are clearly the urban centres of Los Angeles and San Francisco, but more adventurous visitors can also take in a hike through the Sierra Nevada mountains, or a long drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. An entire lifetime could be spent in California without seeing all it has to offer.


Only two states are separated from the contiguous United States, and both of them are amongst the most awesome tourist destinations in the world. Most recently made famous by one of its recent governors, would-be Vice President Sarah Palin, Alaska is a vast wilderness which offers magnificent sights and challenging hikes for visitors willing to sample life on the frontier. Regular boat trips through Glacier Bay National Park and the chance to sample the traditional life and culture of Alaskan natives make a trip to this state a once in a lifetime experience.


The other non-contiguous state is also of current political interest, as it is the original home of President Obama. Hawaii couldn’t be more different than Alaska, with its warm climate, surfer’s beaches, and both dormant and active volcanoes. Made up of six separate islands, Hawaii can also offer a fascinating alternative to usual American culture, with its strong native traditions still represented in both the feel of the resorts available to tourists, and the cultural events which can be observed throughout the year. Of course, some visitors simply want to kick back and enjoy the finest beaches in the world, and there is certainly ample opportunity to do so.


The last entry on the list might seem surprising. After all, Iowa is generally regarded as nothing more than a generic Mid-Western state, with little to distinguish it from its neighbours or its more glamorous East and West Coast cousins. If a visitor truly wants to understand America, however, a visit to a state like Iowa is essential. A relaxed road trip through its sleepy towns and never-ending cornfields will allow a tourist to get much more of a feel for America than staying in a luxury hotel on the coast. The people are friendly, the weather is pleasant, and the attractions are cheap. Perfect!