Many travelers who’ve never stepped on board a world class cruise liner – or any boat, for that matter – are apprehensive about trying a cruise.  After all, if you’re being cast off into the middle of the ocean, how do you know that there will be enough entertainment and fun things to do while on board to keep you happy and make the trip worthwhile?  How do you know that you’ll fall in love with the cuisine without having the option to call the nearest pizzeria?

Enter: the “mini cruise”.  Though not often spoken about, mini cruises do exist and are offered by the majority of mainstream cruise lines.  The Telegraph has a great article about the mini cruise (here) and it might be some good background reading for you if you’re interested.

Who Mini Cruises Are Best For

A mini cruise is ideal for anyone who:

a) May not be sure whether or not a cruising holiday is the right type of holiday for them; or

b) Is short on time and needs a quick getaway

It’s also not uncommon for stag and hen parties to take off on 2-4 day long mini cruises, or for travelers who are looking for a unique way to travel from one destination to the next without needing to board a plane or train.  For example, if you hope to jump from London to Amsterdam, then you’ll be able to find a fantastic mini cruise that will take you there.  This is, most certainly, far more memorable than jumping on a plane, and for those who are tired of traveling on the rails, it’ll offer a much needed break from the constant “go-go-go” that other methods of travel force upon you.

This really is an ideal and inexpensive way for anyone who may be a bit wary about taking a cruise to get a taste of what it’s about and decide whether or not they’d like to invest more in a 7-day or longer cruise in the future.  The format of a mini cruise still offers travelers the exact same features and amenities that a longer cruise does.


Where Can you Book a Mini Cruise?

Not everyone does mini-cruises, so shop about and just try a few sites. Cruise Kings have a mini cruise section – so you should start there.


What You Can Expect During Your Mini Cruise

The best thing about a mini cruise is that though the trip may be shorter, you still get all of the luxuries that are afforded to those who take the 7-day, 14-day, or longer cruises with that same company. The only difference is that you’ll be spending anywhere from 2 to 4 days aboard the ship (though a mini cruise can last up to 7 days).

Though mini cruises can depart from almost anywhere, most of them are from domestic UK ports.  You’ll be able to arrive at the beautiful shores of cities like:

  • Paris
  • Bruges
  • St Peter
  • Rouen
  • Amsterdam

The very same amenities that you’d expect to come with a longer cruise will typically come with a mini cruise.  This means that the fitness centres and spas will be open.  The pool will be clean and the climbing walls will be accessible.  You’ll be able to still partake in the fine dining available on board the ship, as well as enjoy some of the best world class entertainment that longer cruises offer to their travelers.  Best of all, you’ll still get the chance to travel ashore to the many fantastic destinations available to you and get experience the local culture of that area.