I believe you’re either a winter or summer person, with just a few falling in-between. I am firmly a summer girl, preferring flip flops and sun dresses over boots and coats any day. However, wrap up for winter we must, otherwise illness beckons! I’ve also come around to the winter holiday way of thinking, and having gone on a few winter breaks over the last couple of years, I’m beginning to see the benefits and joys of seeing a destination in the depths of winter, and from a completely different viewpoint to when the sun is beating down.

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Of course, winter holidays have a set of their own challenges – clothing! Winter clothes in general weigh more than summer clothes and you can’t get as much in your allowance compared to when clothes are thinner. Boots, jeans, jumpers are all heavy and bulky, so it’s important to be sensible when deciding what to take on your winter jaunt.

A good tip is to wear your heaviest items, so with that in mind, if it’s possible, fly in your bulkiest winter boots, and wear your coat and scarf too, just throw it over your arm whilst at the airport and put it in the overhead locker during the fight. Yes, it’s bulky and a pain, but you’ll be surprised how much space and this can save!

Another good tip I have learnt is to choose a coat that can double up as day and night, so in essence, one that can be dressed up or down. I have a black woollen coat, that can be worn constantly throughout my winter holiday. No problem with luggage and I was warm and toasty.

Ugg boots are good for doubling up as slippers in your hotel or apartment, but woolly socks should not be forgotten, as well as a hoodie for those chilly evenings and mornings.

Overall, I found jeans and leggings couldn’t be beaten, and layers are the way forward. It took a bit of planning and a total U turn from my usual packing dilemmas, but I got it right in the end.

The heavier weight of such items will inevitably mean your suitcase is going to weigh more than it normally would, so to avoid strained backs and achy arms, I now drive myself to the airport, saving money, stress and potential injury! I regularly book airport parking with BCP as they provide services that can drop me and my luggage to the terminal doors. As there were some fantastically cheap flights from the capital, parking at Heathrow airport is always a good option. I have used it many times now and I couldn’t fault the service. I had peace of mind knowing my car was waiting for me when I got back, quickly heated up and raring to get back home. Wherever you fly from, there are facilities waiting at fantastic prices, the service for me, has always been second to none, which is important during winter breaks, when travel plans might not be as direct as during busier summer periods.

Take a break from the norm this winter and venture off when the temperatures are cooler, I guarantee you’ll have a completely different experience, and one you’re sure to enjoy!