A taste of Paris

Travel used to be something that you’d save up for years for. Now, with the absolute explosion of companies offering cheap flights and cheap holidays, normal people can afford to go on holiday abroad far more frequently than they used to be able to do.

A taste of Paris

The other advantage of the number of different flights that are available is that you can now book holiday packages from your local airport, so it really reduces the amount of organisation and travel you have to do before you get on the plane. You can also save on airport parking and the like, as if you fly from a local airport, taxi fares are reasonable or a mate can drop you off if you ask nicely! So whether you’re looking at a flight to Paris from Bristol or all inclusive holidays from Glasgow, all you need to start off the process is think about where you want to go and when.

The only surprising thing about all the cheap travel that’s available is that there aren’t more people taking advantage of it. Some of it must be about age; there are people in their fifties and sixties who don’t like the last minute, cheap deal kind of travel. They like to have time to prepare, read up on where they’re going and get maximum value out of each trip. But then there are plenty of golden oldies who have embraced budget flights and last minute holidays, so maybe it’s more about a state of mind whether you like this kind of travel or not. Either way, there’s no excuse not to get out there and see the world!

If you’ve not tried it yet, then you really are missing out. Forget taking a city break within your own country; get on a plane and go and see an amazing city like Rome or Paris instead. And if you’re tired of the cold weather, then don’t put up with it any longer. Book a few days off work and then see what winter sun bargain you can grab. Cheap travel really does open up a whole world of options.

If you’re a spur of the moment kind of person and are willing to try somewhere new, a cheap last minute flight could be perfect for you. As long as you’re not too much of a forward planner, the excitement of not knowing where you might end up can be quite an experience, plus you’ll save yourself a bit of money. They do say that the best trips are those that aren’t planned!