If you’re looking for a country that can offer a real authentic African safari holiday then you should not be looking any further than Tanzania. I have been lucky enough to visit and would love to go back there again someday, the place was so amazing that it left me wanting more and more. It’s perfect for all holiday makers; families, solo travellers, honeymooners and groups of friends. Make sure you always have your camera to hand because you will want to be snap happy when you see the wildlife roaming free or when the stunning orange sunset falls.


Most people would agree that Tanzania has the best variety of scenery and wildlife in Africa, add to that some of the world’s best beaches and you really do have a magical holiday destination. Here are three of the best things that I found on my trip:

The Ngorongoro Crater

Over 3 million years ago a volcano completely blew apart in Tanzania, it left a huge crater that is two thousand feet deep. The Ngorongoro crater is what is left of the old volcano. Now it is seen as one of the great natural wonders on planet earth and what makes it even better is that it is home to so many different types of wildlife. Such natural beauty was recognised and the Ngororngoro crater is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. To get an idea of it’s beauty is clear when you know that is is also know as ‘Africa’s Eden’.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is found in the northern part of Tanzania, it is very close to the Kenyan border. If you have time then you should definitely add this to your itinerary, you do not want to miss such an iconic landmark! It is Africa’s highest mountain and stands at a whopping 19,340 feet above the sea level. Of course you can attempt to climb it if you are a thrill seeker, but if you prefer to just soak up the natural beauty that is on display then the trip is stills well worth it.

The Island of Zanzibar

This beautiful island is also, and probably better known, as the ‘Spice Island’. If you are looking for something close to paradise then this is where you will find it! The beach island has crystal clear waters and some of the most amazing white sandy beaches I have ever walked on. This would be an ideal destination for couples or honeymooners looking to experience the more laid back type of holiday in an amazing setting.