Singapore has a strong reputation for being a food paradise, and it is ranked top for its delicious and unique cuisines across the world. In fact, it is very true to claim that eating is a huge part of life in this impeccable city.

Furthermore, Singapore is known for offering top-notch dishes and traditional starters, and because the locals love eating, experiencing the cuisine makes it more fascinating. Additionally, the city boasts of having a rich cultural heritage such as Chinese, Malay, and Indian traditions, hence offering a wide range of delicacies to the tourists. Here are some of the best dishes and cuisines to try out in Singapore this year.

Chilli Crab 

This food is arguably the most popular in Singapore. Ideally, it is like the main representation of Singapore dishes, which makes it a must try for any visitors who tour the city. Furthermore, there are myriads of Chinese restaurants that serve this indigenous seafood, and there are numerous traditional restaurants located in Geylang that must be visited.

Chili Crab has been prepared by the use of Sri Lankan sea animals in a thick tasty soup. However, this food is very tricky to prepare out of the city, hence making it an exclusive cuisine. If it’s the first time travelling to Singapore, it is wise to try the fresh crabs dipped in a chili sauce, accompanied with fried mantou – this is one of the oldest and traditional dishes you can experience.

Nyoya Cuisine 

This food is commonly referred to as peranakan cuisine. Furthermore, it is the best combination of Chinese ingredients, as well as impeccable cooking methods accompanied with special types of spices, applied by the Malay people. In fact, there are various food establishments that serve this kind of cuisine, for example, True Blue hotel, among many others.

Nonetheless, if you are planning to visit this city then you have to try out ayam buah keluak, a special chicken stewed with certain black nuts. Additionally, make sure you check out the recently launched Candlenut Kitchen owned by the infamous Malcolm lee.

Grilled Sambal Stingray 

Grilled Sambai Stingray is another type of Singapore cuisine; actually, there are so many dishes in the city that you will be spoilt for choice. This food can be found in restaurants like chomp chomp, which offers the entire tourist community top-notch services. Ideally, a ray fin is usually grilled over burning charcoal, and then it is garnished with some spicy chili sauce, as well as calamansi lime in the inner part.

Additionally, the cuisine is accompanied with a cool cup of green juice that reduces the burning heat sensation of the spices in the cuisine. As you can see, there is a vast array of spectacular dishes to experience in Singapore this year, so make sure you’re travelling with the whole family in order to make it a memorable holiday!