humphrey bogart & dooley wilson - casablanca 1943


Part of seeing a good movie is wondering about where the movie was shot. Of course, you wouldn’t expect Star Wars to be actually shot at the planet Tatooine since there is no such thing as Tatooine. Aside from breathing life to some of the best films ever, they are also subconsciously inviting you to visit the place. So if you think you really love those beloved titles, you better have a glimpse of their back story and see their filming locations.

humphrey bogart & dooley wilson - casablanca 1943


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Anyway, here are some iconic places from your favourite movies that you should visit:

1. New Zealand, Lord of the Rings Trilogy  If you’ve seen The Hobbit lately, you will definitely fall in love more with this place. All of those verdant hills, snowcapped mountains, and old forests are just locations around New Zealand. Because of Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of Tolkien’s book, tourism in New Zealand surged to 40% after the films’ release. You can get a flight to Wellington and see Rivendell, or visit the Shire in Matamata. Also, there is a long list of films shot in New Zealand, so it’s definitely worth the visit.

2. Philippines, Apocalypse Now 
Francis Ford Coppola’s tale to the darkest depths of man was filmed on the tropic jungles of the Philippines. During production, the original set was destroyed by a typhoon and had to be rebuilt again. Muddled with financial problems, mental breakdowns, and outlandish events, this Vietnam War story will always be famous because of the events that surrounded the film—and the jungles, of course.

3. Tunisia, Star Wars 
Used as the location for Luke Skywalker’s hometown, Tunisia became the face of the planet Tatooine: a desolate planet with two suns scorching it. It was dearly loved by the fans that one man tried to save the set George Lucas left by pleading help from other Star Wars fans last year, which raised almost 9000 Euros for its rehabilitation.

4. Casablanca, Casablanca 
The Moroccan city-port witnessed one of the most beloved love triangles in the history, where an expat café owner in Casablanca encountered his ex-lover and her husband who is hunted down as a member of the Czech resistance. Because of the timeless impact of the film, a company recreated the famous Rick’s Café up to the smallest detail. And this is the reason why “everybody comes to Rick’s.”