Paris is often called the city of love. Because of this, many people aim to be able to visit the city. Lovers are eager to have a taste of hot chocolate, wine and cheese in famous cafes. In addition to the alluring effect of Paris, another distinct characteristic of the city is that it is very friendly to tourists and pedestrians. While there are cars roaming around the city, as well as the metro for public transportation, biking is also a form of transportation and leisure among the people of Paris.

biking in Paris
Mode of Transportation
It is part of the norm to see people on their bicycles. Instead of walking, Parisiennes would opt to use their bikes. In a way, it is advantageous over walking because one is able to reach a destination at a faster rate. Another good thing about this form of transportation is that it is free. The streets of Paris are designed to give way for bicycles because biking has been part of the culture in the city.

Biking for Leisure
Another reason to choose biking is that it can be a form of leisure. It is undeniable that Paris is a romantic place that is home to great and picturesque sites. When one is on his or her bike, there can be greater appreciation of the surrounding things. Thus, some people in Paris do biking even if they are not going to a specific place. Some would bike for the mere cause of happiness brought about by the activity.

Health Reasons
More to the fun, this is also a healthy way of moving from one place to another. For some, it can even be a form of exercise. It works internally and externally. It improves the metabolism of the body and at the same time, it does not contribute to the pollution in the environment.

As an adventurous tourist, it’s a good idea to try this out and feel like what Parisiennes are like for a day!