Street Dancing During Ibalong Festival

The province of Albay in Bicol has always been known for the Mayon Volcano, this is probably what boosts the tourism of the province.

But more to it, what I’ve discovered as a traveler, is, there have been some other interesting going-ons in Albay in an attempt to reel in tourists — and I must say, to experience it firsthand really is something. Here are the new attractions in Albay you might want to consider if you want to visit.

Magayon Festival

Magayon, in their dialect, means beautiful. So literally, Magayon Festival is a celebration of beauty. But aside from that, there’s a legend of how the Mayon Volcano came to be and it includes lovers, with the girl named Daragang Magayon, so they’re kind of celebrating that too. But anyway, it’s a month-long celebration with a beer plaza and a load of culinary stalls that serve the province’s best. The festival is held every April and is becoming more and more popular. There are also contests and happenings every night to keep everyone occupied.

Displaying Filipina beauty -- sun-kissed skin tones, a rare of its kind.

Displaying Filipina beauty — sun-kissed skin tones, a rare of its kind.

Ibalong Festival

Moved from October to August, the Ibalong Festival had always been the most famous festival in Albay. The main attraction, year after year is the street presentation where the contingents try to re-enact what happened in the 60-stanza long Ibalong Epic.

Street Dancing During Ibalong  Festival

Karangahan Christmas

This is the newest among the celebrations in Albay. It is a month-long Christmas Celebration with a beer plaza and a restaurant plaza in the famous Penaranda Park right at the heart of Albay. Meal stubs worth Php200 are given out by the local government so everyone can go even if they’re a little low on cash. Apart from the overflowing food and booze, the gigantic Christmas tree and the Christmas parole parade are the highlights of the evening.

Christmas Parole parade

So next time you’re going Albay, you might wanna consider these dates to ensure that you see even more excitement than usual.