Most of us usually relate Qatar with oil, natural resources, vast deserts, Sandy beaches and shopping malls. But the fact is that this Western Asian state is much more than that. There are some locations in this country that are not only it’s National Landmarks but can easily be termed as the world’s landmarks. Although Qatar has one of the most stable and developing economies in the world and it is termed as one of the richest countries in the world by Forbes magazine, still amidst of all this modernization Qatar has managed to preserve a part of its culture and heritage.  This has resulted in a very unique amalgam of modernization and culture in Qatar and a majority of landmarks of the country are a testament to this fusion of advancement and heritage.

This Article discusses some of the national Landmarks of Qatar and why you should plan your next holiday to this Arabian country.

1)      The spiral Mosque in Doha

Combining the timeless Arab Islamic style of construction with modern day architecture, the spiral mosque of Kassem Darwish Fakhroo in Doha is a must see for any one with the slightest interest in architecture or capturing spirituality. Even though it can be argued that the mosque is not entirely a genuine idea and is only a replica of the great Mosque of Al-Mutawwakil in Iraq, the captivating beauty of the design and the dazzling architecture of the spiral mosque deserves an audience.

2)      The singing sand dunes ( 40 km southwest of Doha)

Almost all of us are familiar with the vastness and the lifelessness of deserts but desert explorers of Qatar sometimes report that the sand dunes of Doha move is such a fashion that it seems they are singing. This happens when certain conditions move the sand grains in such a fashion that it seems that they are creating a low murmur or singing. It is because of this phenomenon that these sand dunes, that are located 40 kilometers off Doha, are called the singing sand dunes and are considered as a national landmark of Qatar.

3)      Islamic Art Museum, Doha

Located in the very Capital of Qatar, the museum of Islamic art is a one of its kind project in the Persian Gulf. Although the museum draws much of its inspiration from the ancient Islamic architecture, it has a very unique and modern design. The museum plays hosts to thousands of pieces of Islamic art from historic as well as modern times. The collection can take you to a surreal journey into the rise and fall of Islam in the world.

4)      The torch Hotel, Doha

A staggering 300 meters high with 360 degree panoramic views across Doha, the torch hotel is a modern day architectural and construction master piece. The hotel has 51 floors and the rooms are equipped with the latest technology and facilities.  The location of the hotel is such that it is a centerpiece of Doha’s Sports city which is all set to host the 2022 FIFA world cup after successfully hosting the 2006 Asian games.

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