When it comes to skiing, there aren’t many European countries that I haven’t already fallen in love with.

When I’m not actually skiing, I’m usually talking about it. I’m a little obsessed.

Dolmiti Superski

Dolmiti Superski

So I’ve compiled a list of my favourite European ski locations – complete with some secret info I’ve picked up along the way. And if you know any other awesome ski destinations that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments


Bella Italia is undoubtedly one of my favourite ski spots on the planet.

The amazing scenery goes without saying, and for me, Italy is my chill-out country – my place for a more relaxed ski holiday.

Leisurely breakfasts and extended lunches aren’t unusual here and between all that there are some pretty incredible places to discover.

Cross-border skiing from Claviere, Italy to Mongenèvre, France

One of the coolest things about skiing in Italy is that you literally ski cross-country – over the border into France.

My favourite international ski trail is from Claviere to Montgenèvre.

There are two routes – a high altitude black run or a fairly flat valley-level run along a stream. I know I said Italy is my ‘chill-out country’ but I’ve tried that black run once and can’t wait to go again.

I can’t think of a cooler form of international travel!

Dolmiti Superski

There’s definitely something in the word ‘superski’ that makes this route sound epic.

And it is.

I hadn’t been skiing for too long when I first tackled this route and even today it’s still one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on the snow.

The trail’s about 40km long and as long as you’ve got good stamina, you’ll be able to make it round.

Top Tip: This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so make sure you stop to take in the views – they’re pretty unforgettable … especially when you take a photo!


I always feel spoilt for choice when I go skiing in France – I mean, how do you choose between the Alps and the Pyrenees?

I usually alternate between the two, but the Pyrenees is just about my favourite at the moment

Gourette, French Pyrenees

What I love about ski resorts in the Pyrenees is that they’re less chic and more affordable than Alpine resorts, which often makes them more fun.

They’ve also got a more French atmosphere than the Alps – perfect if you want to sample a bit of culture between each run.

With 1000m of parked pistes, Gourette is easily my favourite resort. And you can’t beat a tasty French raclette for dinner after a day on the slopes. Yum.

Something I’m dying to do is head over the border to Spain, or even Andorra, to see how the Spanish Pyrenees compare. Been there? Share your stories in the comments.


Sometimes I want a bit of luxury in my life and when I do (and if I have enough pocket money saved up), I head to Switzerland. Land of riches, chocolate and luxury ski resorts, I love going here for a little indulgence.

And when it comes to skiing, I go here:


Majestic is the only way to describe this place. I was completely awestruck the first time I saw the Matterhorn – the most iconic and recognisable mountain in the world – and some people even say people ski slower here because they’re so captivated by the views!

After the sun sets and the après ski area lights up – it’s exactly how you’d imagine a pretty alpine village to look – like a postcard picture from every angle. And it’s the highest resort in the Alps, which makes it the most special in my eyes.


When I haven’t been too great at saving up the pocket money, I head to Austria.

Everything seems to be cheaper here – from food, to lift passes, to accommodation – and I always have a fantastic time.


Now, I’m still an intermediate skier at best and I reckon Saalbach is pretty much the perfect place for someone on my level.

It’s about an hour and a half drive from Salzburg Airport and it’s perfect if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous.

The villages of Saalbach and Hinterglemm are located in a ring of 2,000m peaks but my top tip is that you don’t worry about completing the whole circuit (you can always visit again). Whenever you’re ready for some après-ski, head down to the valley floor and hop on the ski bus to Saalbach or Hinterglemm – you can’t lose.


So there you have it – my all-time favourite places to ski in Europe. Is there anywhere else I should check out on my next trip? If you know another unforgettable place to ski in Europe, let me know below! Thanks for reading.