A city with a unique, colorful vibe like Barcelona deserves at least a weekend to take in its essence. The art, architecture, food and people here will boost your energy with their lively spirit. The city is rich with the opportunity for stunning photographs, historical immersion and gastronomical delight! You can find deals on Monarch airlines, so what are you waiting for? Grab a cheap plane ticket to this colorful Catalan city and get ready for the weekend of a lifetime.


Eat Your Way Through a Pintxos Tour

Pintxos, or platters of bite-sized food served at the sidewalk cafes in Barcelona, are a major food trend you can’t miss out on. They’re a Basque tradition but quite prevalent in this Catalan city. Check out Place Reial, a gorgeous square filled with amazing restaurants for the chance to immerse in this awesome culinary tradition. From chicken tempura and saffron mayonnaise to savory pulled pork mini-sandwiches, your taste buds and desire to sample all the things will be satisfied!

Kick Back on the Beach

Barcelona is one of Europe’s best beach cities, having won many awards for the title! Head to Barceloneta, the most popular beach in town. This does mean that it’s the most crowded- but it’s also where all the action happens. Beach bars serving exotic cocktails pump out reggae music and glamourous people from all over the world show off their tanned, toned bodies… here, the buzz of the beach can’t help but be addictive.


Immerse in the Artsy Life

Art lover? You’re going to love Barcelona. The art and architecture here can hardly be be beat anywhere in Europe. The Fundació Joan Miró is an incredible museum showcasing the Spanish artist’s paintings, sculptures and graphic works- located just outside the beautiful Teatre Grec gardens. And the architecture here is breathtaking, a unique mix of Gothic churches, modernist style and renaissance palaces.

Sip a Cocktail on a Terrace

The outdoor bars and cafes are a staple part of the culture in Barcelona, and a refreshing way to relax after a long day of sightseeing. The La Rambla area is chock full of cheery little sidewalk cafes offering up cold drinks with bite-sized pintxos. For an exhilerating experience, head to Hotel 1898 near the top end of La Rambla, take the lift to floor 7 and enjoy a drink from the rooftop terrace!