Long haul destinations are the things dreams are made of. Visiting kangaroos in Australia, scuba diving with the glittering underwater residents in the Caribbean, bungee jumping in New Zealand, or visiting Mickey and Minnie in Florida … the list goes on.

Not all of the best destinations in the world are 8+ hours away on a plane, however the overwhelming majority are, which makes sense when you think about it. To really experience something amazing, otherworldly and downright special, to me, it makes sense you should have to travel further for it. So the next time you’re on a hideously long plane journey, keep repeating that theory like a mantra, and you’ll be there before you know it!

Of course, the downside of long haul flying is how hard it can be on the body. Jet lag can be a shocker, and depending how many time zones you travel through, depends on how severe it can be. The usual advice is to try and regulate your body clock as soon as possible, by getting up at the time you normally would, despite the fact your body is screaming ‘nooooo!’, and to eat at the normal times too, as per local time. It does get better after a couple of days, honestly, and hopefully you’ll be enjoying your destination too much to care after a while. Besides, covering up dark circles is what make up was invented for!

One suggestion I have for making long haul flying easier on the tiredness levels, is to do a little pre-planning, and by that I mean get as much sleep and relaxation as possible before you fly. One way to do that is to pre-book an airport hotel. This might sound expensive, but you’re wrong in thinking that, as there’s a hotel for every budget. Most airports have a range available, and the larger UK airports, such as the London airports, Manchester and Birmingham, have a wide range, with many great deals on offer year-round.

I recently stayed in one of the Manchester Airport hotels, and I couldn’t fault the service, or the price. For a minimal cost, I arrived at the terminal fresh-faced, having had a full eight hours sleep, and no panicky drive to the airport an hour before check-in time. If you don’t believe me, check out these hotels at Manchester Airport, and you’ll be very surprised at what you find – tempted? I bet you will be after you see the prices and range on offer.

I’m planning to visit Malaysia this year, and I’ll be flying from Heathrow Airport. I have to say I’m not relishing the idea of a 12 hour flight, but I know the destination will be more than worth the flight time. I will certainly be booking one of the Heathrow hotels with AirportHotels.com pre-flight, and depending on the time of my flight coming home, I may even stay a night on the way back, to make sure I’m not driving back up the motorway with my eyes half closed!

With the huge range of airport hotels on offer, there really is something for every budget and taste, and with that long-haul flight looming in the not so distant future, a night’s extra sleep will make all the difference.