If you’re one of those people who are always looking for adventure wherever they go, Cancun is probably not high on your list of priorities. It is more well-known for its Spring Break visitors who like to get drunk and party, or for its endless miles of pure, undiluted beach bliss.

Cancun doesn’t have to be about those things, though. If you’re willing to do a bit of looking around, the Glistening City has plenty of adventurous activities tucked away behind its crystal clear sea views. Here are some of those, plucked for your convenience!

Water Sports

Cancun’s beaches are the perfect place for a number of extreme sports, and the city has recently been rapidly gaining popularity among the adrenaline seeking crowd for this reason. The newest darling of Cancun’s extremists is fly-boarding – you strap a jetpack to your back and go flying around in the air. It is powered by water which is fed through a high pressure hose, and you will be dragged along at high speeds by a motorboat.

If you prefer your water sports more traditional, hire a jet-ski and start powering across the waves. Get a few of you together and this becomes even more fun!

Get Wet

Cancun is the perfect destination for a spot of scuba diving. Strap on your scuba gear and head underwater for some fantastic adventures. The MUSA offers you a unique experience – an underwater gallery of sculptures which are slowly being taken over by coral! Make sure to catch the VW Beetle!

The city lies just ashore of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, often known as the Great Mayan Barrier Reef, as only the famous one down under is bigger than Mexico’s. It’s more than 600 miles long, and is home to Hawksbill turtles, manatees, groupers and the curiously-named Splendid Toadfish. There’s even a ship down there: the wreck of the USS Harlequin.

Rock and Roll(ercoaster)

Xcaret. Just the mere mention of the word should be enough to make the hearts of any true adrenaline junkie start beating that little bit faster. Based on Mexico’s Mayan history, the theme park offers all your average rides, but adds a unique Latin American twist.

There’s a giant, walk-through cave totally infested with bats, and there’s even the opportunity to swim with sharks (as well as with dolphins or with stingrays, but neither of those can bite your face off…).

The newest ride is called Adrenalina, and will launch you into the air quicker than you can say Cheapflights. It will then drop you down sharply, and carry you through a host of hair-raising twists and turns, with the occasional splashdown thrown in for good measure.

Go Indiana Jones

The ruins of the Mayan civilisation litter the outskirts of Cancun, and are all ripe for some Indiana Jones-style exploration. Chichen Itza lies not far from the city – it’s been named one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

In the middle of the jungle you can climb to the top of the 75-foot temple, which was dedicated to Kukulkan, a god in the form of a feathered snake.