Barbados is a popular travel destination for people looking to escape work and enjoy the beach, sun, and ocean for a week or so. Just because Barbados is popular should not deter anyone from traveling there. In fact, its popularity should be a draw. If the island was no fun or no good, it wouldn’t be popular! But it is understandable if you want some isolation or a more unique experience on the island. This is all too familiar so we are here to help. Below are a few tips for doing Barbados off of the beaten path.

Where to Stay

There are countless options of where to make your home while you’re staying in Barbados. The go to for many people is a hotel or resort. This isn’t a terrible idea, hotels and resorts offer a lot to travelers. Easy access to accommodations such as the beach, a pool, fellow visitors, and options for excursions. This is all good and well but sometimes its great to do things a little differently. You can look into sharing a Barbados Vacation rental with friends or another couple or family. This is a great way to save money and have your own private villa. Staying in a villa is always more fun because it feels more like a place that is yours and they tend to be much more beautiful.

Which Beach to Visit

Barbados is full of incredible and beautiful beach destinations. There are no wrong choices when going to the beach in Barbados. Bottom Bay is one of the most, if not the most, popular beach in Barbados. It is fully equipped with cafes, bars, and the works that will suit everyone’s needs. With popularity though comes a crowd. To avoid the crowd but still get the beach, go to Foul Bay. This beach is where the locals tend to visit more. There are no shops, cafes, bars or even changing rooms but there is a sense of isolation. The beach can be very quiet with nothing but the waves crashing ashore and the sun covering you. It doesn’t get much closer to perfect than that.


What Cave to Explore

Most first time visitors to Barbados will take a trip to Harrison’s Cave. This trip offers visitors the view of a 40ft waterfall and beautiful stalagmites hanging from the ceiling of the cave. The popularity of the cave has made it rather expensive and the tour very generic. A better cave to check out is the Animal Flower Cave. This is the only sea cave on the island that is accessible to people. It is located in the Parish of St. Lucy underneath the North Point cliffs. You can climb the cave walls and go swimming in the rock pools. This kind of adventure is perfect for making your Barbados vacation truly your own experience. Ditch the routine and check out something off the beaten path. Your holiday will be better for it!