More to the destinations, as travelers, we have to admit that one of the places that also struck us are the connecting points of where you came from and your actual destination, that is, the airports. Also especially when you are in a connecting flight and have to wait for some hours, there must be something that makes an airport interesting.

There are a lot of interesting airports all over the world. Let us name one of them — Abu Dhabi Airport.

For all the structure lovers out there, this is one place that you definitely cannot pass up going to. The artistry involved in designing the whole thing is just beyond words. It looks like a giant hive with different catchy colors. Like, every childlike person’s dream.  The beautiful colors and symmetry of the design of the airport is just really consuming. It would please just about everybody. I know how boring it can be to stare at something but staring at this thing is just as enjoyable as reading a good book. All the details will surely catch you by surprise.

Abu Dhabi Airport

And their tubes look like UFO’s. The tubes that connect the main building to the planes were also a work of art in themselves. Each one looked like a UFO that was flying in midair. If I didn’t know any better I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it but really, the architecture of the whole thing is just so amazingly awesome that I’d literally worship at the feet of whoever thought of it, designed it and executed it. Taking a walk down those tubes had got to be part of your bucket list. Seriously.

When the connecting flight arrived, I wasn’t sure I was ready to leave all the beauty behind but really, what could I do? I had another adventure waiting for me and I so I got on the plane and the rest is history.