For travel enthusiasts, thinking of the next place to visit is an exciting yet an arduous task. A person would have to consider and balance a lot of factors- from budget, to distance, to the worthiness of the desired destination. For people who love to tour around the world and who also happen to have special amazement with colors and lights, then Thailand is the place to be! Thailand is famous for its Lantern Festival. Indeed, people of different nationalities make time to witness the celebration of this joyful festivity.

the beauty of the lantern festival
What is the Lantern Festival?
The Lantern Festival is a showcase of passion for arts, creativity and happiness. It is traditionally celebrated on the full moon of the second month of the Lanna month. Once you attend the event, you would be elated by wonderful colors and lights. The smiles on the faces of each person will also be overwhelming and will bring festive vibes.

What to do?
There are a lot of possible activities. The major thing that tourists do is to watch and enjoy light shows. However, there is a deeper reason to appreciate the Lantern Festival. During this event, locals would use floating lanterns not just to entice the eyes but also to symbolize the going away of worries and problems. Of course, visiting the place goes beyond merely being in a specific place. It also entails having a taste of local delicacies.

During the Lantern Festival, Thailand is also proud to introduce Thai food to foreigners who are not yet familiar of the native cuisine. Aside from trying Thai food, Lantern Festival is also a good opportunity to create memories by taking pictures. The Lantern Festival is a home for both recreation and appreciation of the Thai tradition.