Florence is one of Italy’s best loved cities among tourists. It literally has everything, from museums to great food, so people generally don’t need much convincing to pay a visit to the northern Italian city. Despite that, this article is going to try to convince you anyway and you can read on to find five reasons why Florence is so loved.

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For lovers of art, Florence is paradise. And for lovers of Michelangelo, well… Florence is simply perfect! At the Uffizi Gallery you’ll find works from many top artists, with Michelangelo one of them. Then you also have the Accademia Gallery, which was originally intended to be a sort of “Michelangelo Museum”. It didn’t turn out that way in the end with other artists also given a space to show off their work, but you will find plenty of Michelangelo works to enjoy, such as his famous David sculpture or his four unfinished Prisoners, which were being made for the tomb of Pope Julius II.

The view at Piazzale Michelangelo

Sticking with the great Michelangelo, sort of… At the Piazzale Michelangelo, a spot on the hills that overlook the city, you’ll be able to enjoy a view of the whole of Florence. The view is postcard-perfect and the best place to be at sunset.


Italians are respected worldwide for their gelato and Florence is one of the best Italian cities in which you’ll find the sweet icy gold! Enjoy a day in the sun even more with some gelato and with literally hundreds of flavours to choose from – many of which you may never have heard of – you’ll really enjoy every spoonful. And if visiting with kids, a trip to a gelato shop makes even more sense. Nothing quietens children complaining about tired legs more quickly than ice cream!

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You can visit Pisa

Florence is very close to Pisa, just around 70km away. And while everybody wants to visit Pisa to see the architectural joke that is the Tower of Pisa, there really is not much else to do in the city.

That makes a day trip to Pisa the perfect idea as you can see the tower and then come back to a more exciting city. Given that Florence is probably the only interesting city from which you can really visit Pisa in a day, that makes a holiday to Florence even more appealing.

Brunelleschi’s Dome 

The Dome of Florence Cathedral is an architectural success of the highest order and that’s all down to Brunelleschi. Taking a climb up to the top (up the 436 steps!) is the best way to enjoy and admire the work and once at the top, you’ll also have some great view of Florence to enjoy as a reward for your efforts on the staircase!

There are many more reasons to visit Florence, but these are just five of them. Hopefully you’ve been convinced of the beauty of the city and are already packing your bags and booking your flights. You should start booking your accommodation too, and Oh-Florence is one place where you can find apartments for rent across the city, whether close to the Florence Cathedral or by the museums where Michelangelo’s works are displayed. Wherever you do go in Florence, enjoy!