Canada is well known for its natural beauty.  While all countries boast some sort of natural mystique, what makes Canada stand out from the rest is that this 2nd largest country in the world features unique and one-of-a-kind sites in almost any and all provinces.  From glacial landmarks to desserts to secluded lakes and rocky, misty shores, Canada has it all. Go Canada has some great information about tourism in Canada. Have a read here.  As if that alone wasn’t reason enough to pay this vast country a visit, here are some other reasons why you should book a trip to Canada:

1. Clean & Friendly Canadian Cities

Unlike a lot of other first world countries from around the globe, Canadian cities are clean, friendly, safe and incredibly multicultural (which is probably why Canada is lauded as one of the most “livable countries” year after year!).  Each city that you visit in Canada has a little bit of something different to offer too, from climate to activities to culture.  For example:

  • Vancouver:  Laid back residents that live right on the Pacific Ocean, natural outdoors that are great for skiing, snowboarding, hiking and lounging at the beach, temperate weather (winters rarely dip below 0 degrees Celsius and summers rarely break the 30 degrees Celsius point)
  • Calgary:  The “Texas” of Canada, hosts the annual “Calgary Stampede”, can have frigid winters and boiling summers
  • Toronto:  Known as the “centre of Canada” and is the primary metropolitan hub, great shopping, cold winters and fairly warm summers that can be spent lazing about on Lake Ontario beaches
  • Montreal: The “French capital” of Canada (though the true capital is Quebec City which is a “must” for anyone hoping to delve into Quebec’s unique and interesting history), accepting residents, fantastic cuisine and great shopping with a distinct European feel
  • Halifax: Gorgeous rocky shores, kind and friendly folk with a distinct accent you won’t hear elsewhere in all of Canada



2. “Natural” Wonders

Being such a natural country, it’s no surprise that Canada is home to some of the most beautiful and distinct natural wonders in the world.  Check out one of the many Canadian Rocky Mountain parks, the Carbot Trail, the Dinosaur Provincial Park or perhaps the most popular natural wonder of the country:  Niagara Falls.

3. Every Season Has Something To Offer

Regardless of what time of year you visit Canada, you’ll be able to find a ton of things to do.  From fireworks competitions (The Celebration of Light in Vancouver is held in July) to the Toronto International Film Festival to the Quebec Winter Carnival, there’s something for everyone in Canada.  Just make sure that you dress accordingly depending on where you’re going (i.e. if you’re traveling to Vancouver, always bring a raincoat and umbrella).

4. An Outdoor Lover’s Paradise

If you love being outdoors, then Canada is the place to be.  Canada has some of the best camping and hiking, though this country also boasts world class skiing and snowboarding (check out Whistler in British Columbia), and fishing (most of the lakes in Ontario have fantastic fishing, though the Eastern seaboard provinces also boast some great catches).

5. It’s Affordable

Though the Canadian dollar is currently doing quite well in terms of currency, the cost of visiting this country still isn’t nearly as much as other European countries.  Even some of the nicest hotels are reasonably priced, and the fine cuisine is priced far lower than other areas of the world. If you are British and looking to travel to Canada, there is a specialist company called My Canada Trips. They do all kinds of things, even including a Rocky Mountaineer train journey.