Stunning fireworks at the waterfront

New Year always calls for celebrations. This can be attributed mainly to two things: gratitude for successfully enduring the past year and also a form of welcome to upcoming tear. People across all nations have different ways of celebrating New Year. Here are five interesting New Year Celebrations you might want to know about or even witness, yourself!

USA – Governments of different states spend sufficient funds for firework displays that will be enjoyed by constituents. The United States of America has elegant fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. The best and most popular displays would be from New York City’s Times Square and from Los Angeles, California. Disneyland would also have its version of welcoming the New Year.

NYC Times Square New Year celebrationSydney, Australia – Well, Australia is way more than just being the land down under. It is also famous for its fireworks display in waterfront. This is a perfect way to celebrate the Eve because the water further reflects the beautiful colors and lights from the fireworks. You can use Expedia to book a trip to Sydney that will encompass the New Year as an added bonus to the already marvelous city. Families and group of friends will surely have a good time in Sydney!

Stunning fireworks at the waterfront

Venice, Italy – It is a fun and romantic way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Venice. There is a communal kiss where you could bring your partner and kiss until you last. New Year’s Eve can be very symbolic. It can be a symbol of another year to love each other through ups and downs.

Venice's 'kissathon'

Greece – Nobody would reject the opportunity of seeing Greece because it is the seat of ancient Western Civilization. Much more than its glorious history, Greeks celebrate New Year in a really cool manner. The Greeks still believe the traditional myth that the first person to step on one’s house will be determinative of the year’s luck. Thus, the entrance of a person on New Year is an eventful moment for Greeks. Likewise, the slicing of the Greek cake is also part of he tradition that is said to bring luck to the home.

Greek Cake more known as Vasipolita

Kitzbuhel, Austria – Celebration in Austria is one of the best in the Alps. The skiiers light torches and fireworks for everyone to see. Indeed, no one will miss something coming from higher slope. It is a good way to start the year looking up (literally) while savouring your favourite delicacies.